Thursday, February 08, 2007

PFI RELEASES SONGS - பாடல்கள் வெளியீடு

Existing socio-economic models of development have failed to alleviate the poverty and backwardness of the people of the country. Since independence, the ruling class has strengthened the business monopolies and the urban and rural elite, as it ignored the basic needs of the people below. The traditionally dominant social groups have also hijacked the democratic process. The fascist forces have deeply penetrated and corrupted the system and they work hand in glove with neo-colonial and racist forces. The dalits, the tribals, the religious, the linguistic and the cultural minorities, the backward classes and the women are denied their cultural and social space, making India one of the most backward areas in the world. Resistance against exploitation and deprivation is mostly local and isolated now with no co-ordination and pooling of resources at national level.

Popular Front of India is launched to co-ordinate and strengthen grass root level developmental activities throughout the country.

Popular Front of India is the movement for the realization of a society in which freedom, justice and security are equally enjoyed by all individuals and classes. It aims at the socio-economic, cultural and political empowerment of the deprived, the down trodden and the nation at large.It stands for a new India of equal rights to all Indians

Popular Front of India has released SONGS for its Empower India Conference, you can donwload or play the songs from online by clicking the below link:


வலிமையான இந்தியாவை உருவாக்குவோம் எழுச்சி பாடல்கள் (உருது)



03.Hindh Ki Jaan

04.Isse Pehle

05.Hindh Miakar

06.Thumse Bahadur

07.Wa Thippu hai Dhunya

08.Jo Ho Soore

09.Inqilabi hai hum


இஸ்லாம், முஸ்லிம், காரைக்குடி,, Islam, Muslim

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